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About Altercation Records

The year was 2005, in a dirty dank punk rock dive bar in Kingston NY where Travis Myers suggested to J.T. Habersaat owner and editor of the world famous indie punk periodical Altercation Magazine that he start a little record label to help showcase all the amazing acts he was championing in said magazine.

J.T. being drunk at the time said something to the effect of “That’s the most brilliant idea I have ever heard…but if I’m doing it…I’m doing it with you!…Cuz I love you, man!”.

And thus it was born, and J.T. and Travis began their career in the music industry, undoubtedly the most foolish, painful, and expensive adventure either of them could have imagined. Yet with all the pitfalls, expenses, lying agents, thieving promoters and venue owners, drunken drugged up musicians, bar fights, and near riots they would experience in this journey they would also realize the music industry also had a dark side…Yet they persevered and signed band after kick ass band keeping real punk rock alive in their little corner of the universe. Finding artists the world needed to hear from every corner of the globe. These champions, these heroes of real music would brand their label after the name of the kick ass magazine that preceded it ALTERCATION RECORDS a name that has become the benchmark of quality and integrity in independent punk rock…yes, ALTERCATION RECORDS the purveyors of the finest punk on the planet.

Listen long, listen hard, and listen with both ears…If the label says ALTERCATION it’s got to be good!