The most rocking thing to come out of Memphis since Elvis is HEELS. This two piece creates more noise than a broken steam engine, and sounds sweeter than and ice cold southern sweet tea, as they weave through verses drenched in Americana, punk, and good ol’ rock & roll. Full of humor, tinged with angst, HEELS is a band that must be added to the playlist and that you’ll singing, or screaming along to each time you hear one of their songs roll around.

Riverside Odds

Philly’s favorite sons Riverside Odds, are on a mission to save rock and roll. So get on board, or get the hell out of the way because this band takes no prisoners. A hearty combo of killer guitar riffs and dirty rock and roll lyrics will not only convince you that rock and roll is far from dead, it just may resurrect that feeling you got the first time a band shook your soul.

Hub City Stompers

The Northeast’s preeminent Ska/Punk band have been kicking ass and taking names for over fifteen years now, their seamless mix of classic ska, punk, hardcore and hip hop, combined with a hearty dose of New Jersey attitude and sarcasm, have set them apart from their contemporaries and garnered them legions of fans all over the world. Just one listen and you’ll be hooked, and you can take that to the bank.

Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman

Philadelphia’s Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman have a funny name but a great sound, this punk and roll band delivers solid riffs and rhythm fronted by the amazing vocals of Mz. Kerrie Trube it’s everything you ever liked about rock and roll in a three punch combination that will leave you floored.

The Split Seconds

The Split Seconds hail from Washington DC and are the Capitals preeminent melodic punk band…their sound harkens back to some of punks first pioneers but has a certain modern sensibility that grounds them so deeply in today’s world that they are impossible to deny…The Split Seconds write and record quality shit!

The Fantastic Plastics

The Fantastic Plastics are an otherworldly Future Wave band based in Brooklyn NY. Their sound is based in retrofuturism, and yes, that is a real thing…According to Wikipedia anyway, where it is defined as a blend of old-fashioned “retro” styles with futuristic technology.

release-the-fantastic-plastics-devolver album cover

Kyle Trocolla

Classic, Roots, Americana, Country, call it what you will but know it’s real and from the heart, Kyle Trocolla has been writing, touring, and playing with CT Hardcore Punk legends Two Fisted Law for over a dozen years now, and here he reaches out on his own with the debut of his solo work The Stranger. Nine tracks of the truth told by a man whose years spent on the road, in dive bars and cheap motels across the country have enabled him to tell the stories of the pain and glory of the working man.

release-kyle-trocolla-the-stranger album cover

The Sharp Lads

Brooklyn natives THE SHARP LADS deliver an irresistibly fun hard driving brand of punk rock that can’t be denied, packed with catchy lyrics and blistering guitar riffs they are sure to leave you wanting more.



In the seventies, the Svetlanas worked for KGB: the main secret police organization in the Soviet Union. They were spies, informers, fighting agents to whom was assigned the task of stealing the military secrets of the most powerful nations in the world. In 1977, their cover was as a punk band in the United States, a flawed amplifier triggered a 3000V discharge: the four members of the band, hit by the violent electric shock, went into a coma. The hospitalization was immediate, such was the decision of KGB to steal their bodies freeze and hibernate them, in order to preserve the secrecy of the mission. The Svetlanas were transported inside cryogenic rooms, on a merchant ship bound for USSR, but, during the navigation, the ship mysteriously sank in the ocean. Nobody knows what really happened to Olga, Bazuka, Jurij and Vasilij for the following thirty years…until an English tabloid revealed, by a scoop, the real story of the band.After the fall of the Soviet Union and the disappearance of KGB, the Svetlanas decided to make a clean break with the past and created their new identities, trying to integrate themselves in the society with their new lifestyles. They moved to Milan, had some plastic surgery and attended some intensive Italian language courses. At the moment the Svetlanas, with their new names of Angela, Micky, Diste and Mick, have recreated the band, dedicating themselves full time to what before was just a cover.

release-svetlanas-naked-horse-rider album cover
release-svetlanas-tales-from-the-alpha-brigade album cover
release-svetlanas-hot-war album cover