Casket Architects

Blazing their way through the stagnation of a co-opted and compromised music scene, the Casket Architects aurally assault audiences, forcing new blood to course through the veins of the indifferent. The Casket Architects are an explosive trio from Warwick, NY who have branded themselves sci-fi deth rock. Crossing the genres of punk, metal, and late 70’s industrial noise, the group tirelessly pursues a unique sound of their own. Sonically, they force you to join in their spastic rapture; lyrically, they dare you to enter the danger of their world, one in which scientists and surgeons dabble in black magic and every inner struggle is a paranoid fight to the death. Bassist Evan Schlomann’s driving, rollicking bass lines and drummer Annie Terror’s thunderous beats back the madman metal melodies of guitarist Mike Shaw. Topped by Shaw’s urgently grating vocals, the trio unleashes a torrent of musical emotion when they play, pushing the audience into that territory of ecstatic anguish which most of us dare not experience.

release-skull-persuasion-casket-architects album cover
future wounds casket architects album cover

Blasé DeBris

In 2006 AMP magazine called Blasé Debris “The New Kings of Horror Punk” and for over a decade Blasé Debris has been proving them right by serving up the best and most original gothic/horror infused punk on the planet…Ridiculous metal tinged guitar riffs rip behind Duane Beers haunting and creepy vocals as he howls some of the most well-written verses and choruses in horror punk history. Their albums are proof that unlike Bigfoot or The Werewolf that the dark and demented legend of Blasé Debris lives.

release-blase-debris-la-morte-mi-trovera-vivo album cover
blase debris - morfiend album cover
release-blase-debris-creep-cool album cover

JT Habersaat + The Altercation Punk Comedy Tour

Altercation Punk Comedy Tour mastermind JT has been getting in the van and performing his brand of unapologetic standup for almost two decades, first hitting the comedy clubs of New York City at the tender, angst-filled age of 16. Since then he has logged thousands of miles in club shows zig-zagging the nation, appeared on Comedy Central, acted opposite Ron Jeremy in the Troma cult classic ‘Toxic Avenger 4: Citizen Toxie’, become a go-to support act for folks like Henry Rollins, Doug Stanhope and Jeanine Garofalo, and crowned the host of the annual Punk Rock Bowling Awards in Las Vegas since 2010. Oh yeah, he also runs his own record label and publishes an international-distributed punk magazine in his spare time. Not too bad for a Gen-X slacker.